b. 1975, Amsterdam

Based in the Netherlands, I work as an independent photographer and visual artist.
I worked for: Museumnacht, Monavid, Accord, Compound Music, Sportflow, Pure Brands a.o.

Human activity is altering our environment in many ways. The construction of man-made wilderness areas where natural processes should predominate is one of those human activities. Although humanity itself is part of nature, the artificial influence is often categorized as “culture” and not necessarily as nature. These semi-natural landscapes where human influence is clearly visible and artificially created habitats are a big inspiration for my work. I want to show the existence of nature, a ‘pure’ being in all its essence affected by human shaped forms.

I am available as a freelancer to work on projects for you or your company and all my work is available for purchase.
Feel free to contact me about freelance work, buying prints or just to say hi.